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Red Rock Electric Scooter Tours

Electric Scooter Tours in Red Rock Canyon

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A New Tour Experience

Enjoy the wind in your hair while you take in the stunning sites, history, and natural beauty of the canyon. Experience the sounds of the canyon the way Mother Nature intended, the iTank scooter is quiet, no loud engine noise and no gas fumes. Let us show you a fun, new, and unique way to have an amazing green tour with Red Rock Canyons only E Scooter Tour.

Each tour is guided by enthusiastic and knowledgeable locals with intimate knowledge of the area which they are eager to share.

The electric scooters travel about 25mph and are a ton of fun, definitely the best method of travel for people who want the best experience.

The suspension of the iTank is one of the most significant benefits for many possible riders. Three wheels are much better than two. All three wheels provide incredible stability and a comfortable ride in all-terrain conditions.